And another!

These are from Robin Nason!


Okay Okay! Here is a slideshow of pictures!

These were all sent in from Cija. I put them in a Slide Gallery. Enjoy!

Sorry for the sideways ones….i am my machine at home and do not have photoshop installed.

Dave Cohen Says Hi

Greetings from the big apple.  Been living here for about 10 years.  Gaby is my 5 year old, and Jennifer is pregnant with number two, due at the end of January.  Have included two pics of us in paris celebrating my fathers 70th birthday in August.  The last one is Eric Domolky, Matt Boes, and Craig Bolivar fishing in Boston Harbor in July.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at Sandy Burr.




Eric Thielen Joins The Party

Some great pictures. If Matt Scola still has all of that hair I am going to scream! 2 comments – a) now all we need is a picture of Craig-Man’s Vambulance and at the end is a pic of Eric and his 2 year old Tyler.















Mike Weiss’ Family

I realized I never put up a picture of my family. Here we are!


I Am Hearing From So Many People!

Yesterday I traded emails with Tom Dretler and Mark Herman as we reminisced about my dad taking us to see Van Halen at the Centrum back in 1982. The reason we were laughing about it is because my brother, Steve (WHS ’84), took his 12 year old Max and his friends last night! 25 years later and the trend continues! For those of you who did not know, my brother and his wife are another Warrior Connection – he married Susan Halperin WHS ’86.

With all that said, I heard from James Lavin and Ellie Strong last night. Here are some pics they sent in:








Scott Hamilton checks in!

I just got an email from Scott Hamilton. He and his wife Laurie live in Richmond, VA. They have two kids and two dogs.  Here is a pic. Is it it me or does Scooter look exactly the same! Damn his genes! 🙂