More Found People

Tommy Vocatura

Mike Fennell


Email Addresses In Left Column

So many of you have sent me your email addresses…well not many, but some. I have made them linkable in the left column. If it’s blue you can click on it. Have fun!

More People Found

John O’Connor

Ellie Strong

Thanks Sue Carls!

Some more found people

Mandy Finnerty

Bayard Smith

Who We Have Found So Far

Paul Abramson – bad email address

Terri Adler

Aaron Albright

Matt Boes

Denise Bohlin

Craig Bolivar – bad email address

Craig Boreth

Julia Bossung

Bridget Bradley

Elisa Carapezza

Susan Carls

Dave Cohen

Melissa Crowley

Danielle Davis

Erik Domolky

Tom Dretler

Chris Edwards

Justine Fitzsimmons – bad email address

Mara Fleishman

Deb Gaffin

Rick Gilmore

Craig Hartigan

Mark Herman

Eric Kampf – bad email address

Eric Kattwinkle

Randy Kilmon

Jen Kimiatek

Leah Knudson

Lonny Krasnow

James Lavin – bad email address

Mark Law

Pam Lehmberg

Keira Lorentzen

Stacy MacDonald

Beth McCabe

Pete McGovern – bad email address

Karen Milne

Jen Meek

Marianne Monte

Lisa Montesi

Mike Newman

Christina Pisani

Amy Roberts

Nick Ross

Nick Ross

Jon Rostler

Jen Schumacher

Jon Segal

Laura Shannon

Kikki Short

Jason Soslow

Jonathan Tall – bad email address

Eric Theilan

Stefan Theilan

Ada Vassilovski – bad email address

Bill Vrettas

Mike Weiss

Ken Yang MD