Eric Thielen Joins The Party

Some great pictures. If Matt Scola still has all of that hair I am going to scream! 2 comments – a) now all we need is a picture of Craig-Man’s Vambulance and at the end is a pic of Eric and his 2 year old Tyler.
















5 Responses to “Eric Thielen Joins The Party”

  1. Bridget Says:

    These pictures bring back some great memories of cruisin’ in “the Jimmy”. Eric your son is adorable. Hope to see you guys at the reunion. Anyone know where Carl is?

  2. Eric T Says:

    Thanks Bridget! The Woj is at Morgan Stanley in DC, I talked to him yesterday and he will be attending the reunion

  3. Bridget Says:

    It is really great reconnecting w/ old friends!!!
    I remember seeing that Craig was having a pre-party, but can’t find it again. So, Craig – please count Jim & I in. WHere do you live? Hope to see everyone!

  4. Craig Bolivar Says:

    Hey eMan and Bridge, What’s up? Party is a 5:00 @ 28 woodridge road Wayland. See you there. The Var

  5. Mike James Says:

    He Eric these photos are great. Seeing the truck brings back memories! Mike James

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