Sadly I will not be making it to the Reunion

It is with a heavy heart to say that I will not be coming out. With a wife that will be 9 months pregnant around the date of the reunion and Thanksgiving with family in Palm Springs, it just does not make sense for me to come out to Boston for the reunion. The last thing I want to be is 3,000 miles away when Melissa is ready to pop. 🙂 So you all have to take lots of pictures and remember many stories so we can post them here.


One Response to “Sadly I will not be making it to the Reunion”

  1. Joe Murray Says:

    Hey thanks for the blog Mike,
    Long time no see sorry I just thought of it and found out. Would like to attend however I think its too late huh? Let me know if theres last minute room.
    Joe Murray
    30 George st
    Rockland, MA 02370
    (781) 706-9274

    Ps. Please feel free to post my info etc. if anyones interested.

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