Where is Wayne Taylor????

Anyone Know?


8 Responses to “Where is Wayne Taylor????”

  1. Craig Bolivar Says:

    Mike, Wayne is still living in Wayland in the house he grew up in. On Pemberton road. I just bumped into him at Liberties a month or so ago. Var

  2. Cheryl Stanton Says:

    Another one found! Add me to the list. See you guys soon.

  3. Deena (Brown) Phipps Says:

    John Cody, Stan Ham, Sage Surner, Ryuska Rosse, Chris Gallo…..
    Where are you?????

  4. art perry Says:

    ah Liberities. there’s a blast from the past. All the hotspots: Lavins, Honey Farms, Marshalls Apothecary and that grocery store that only sold generic food.

  5. Jenn Sosnowski Says:

    Currently you are sending me mail to my husband’s site and not mine. I tried to change my address on your list..Did not work… if you could for me…. My husband is tired of forwarding my emails.

    Also, my brother is at tomsoz@gmail.com

    Peter Ouellette is in Washington DC, recently married…. I know Eric Kampf has his email, but I have his phone # otherwise….

  6. Espy Barrera Says:

    Count me in…..my email: esperanzab21@yahoo.com
    Espy Barrera Brown

  7. Sage Surner Says:

    Hi everyone, hope you all are doing well from Sage Surner,
    I live in Candia, New Hampshire for the past 6 years. We moved from Sandown, NH where we lived for 5 years. I own a tree service company “Blue Ox Tree Service” with my wife Maria (Mazokopos) Surner. I still keep in touch with Stan Ham who lives in Saxonville Framingham with his wife and 2 kids. Chris Gallo is on tour with Clutch. His is the drummer for Hex Machine. You just misssed him playing at the Middle East in Boston. Chris lives in Richmond, VA we visted him 2 1/2 years ago. Sage

  8. Garnet Fitzsimmons Says:

    count me in……

    My email in Australia: garnet.fitzsimmons@sensis.com.au

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